Radiation Preparedness

Map of Pilgrim Nuclear Proximity to Cape Cod

Map of Pilgrim Nuclear Proximity to Cape Cod

The Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station is located within close proximity to Cape Cod. Cape Cod is not within the 10 mile radiation radius of the Nuclear Power Station and therefore would not be evacuated in the event of an emergency. The Upper Cape is within 20 miles of the Nuclear Power Station and all of Cape Cod is within 50 miles of the Nuclear Power Station. Barnstable County has plans for any possible emergencies and it is important for all residents to understand and prepare for themselves.

First, learn more about Cape Cod and the Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station using the BCREPC Reference Sheet.

Second,  access detailed information on radiation emergencies from the Centers for Disease Control.

Third, learn more about how the Commonwealth of Massachusetts prepares for radiation emergencies by reading the Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency Nuclear Plans.

In the event of a nuclear accident at the Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station, Cape Cod residents are advised to shelter indoors as far from windows and doors as possible and use Potassium iodide (KI) to protect the thyroid gland from radiation injury.


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