Corporate Emergency Access System

During serious emergencies the state of Massachusetts can declare travel bans that will close the roads to all nonessential personnel. Although this is essential in some situations, it restricts emergency travel and essential workers as well. Corporate Emergency Access System (CEAS) is issuing emergency travel IDs for businesses that can be used for essential operations during disasters. The Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency (MEMA) along with the non-profit, Business Network of Emergency Resources (BNET) have partnered together in order to implement CEAS in Massachusetts. This system is optional and requires an annual enrolment fee, however it is beneficial for many private businesses because it will speed up the emergency identification process during a crisis and allow for smoother facilitation of employees that provide critical infrastructure to citizens during an emergency by allowing them entry into areas that would otherwise be off limits to the public during a disaster or emergency. This system is new to Massachusetts however it is a globally used system with the full support of MEMA, therefore the system should become efficient and well-known throughout Massachusetts in no time. Don’t wait, ensure your employees will be able to continue delivering services during any crisis.

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For further information please review or download this informative CEAS powerpoint. Use this CEAS brochure for personal review or to educate employees.


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